Q | Why should you work with JETS?

A | Invested in seeing your business succeed and supporting you virtually however we can. If that is by designing a new website or creating an engaging social media campaign. JETS has created services around you and how we can use our expertise to help you. Or working with influencers and connecting the brands.

An easy process and JETS we are here to reach your business goals!

Q | Where are you we based?

A | Virtually anywhere - we are based in London and Dubai.

Q | What are JETS Business Solutions office hours?

A | We are virtually open hours to suit your business need.


Q | Do you offer refunds or what is your cancellation policy?

A |Please refer to your project agreement for full terms and agreements. Our social media contracts include a 30-day written termination notice. 


If you would like to end your services prior to the end of your agreement, the client is responsible for all fees incurred previously which are non-refundable.


Q | How often will I receive social media analytic reports?

A |We provide campaign analytics reports monthly.



Q | What is the general process for influencer marketing campaigns?

A |Influencer marketing campaigns work is after a completed strategy for your campaign is planned, we will then focus our efforts on reaching out to influencers in our network. 

JETS co-ordinate introductions on the product to influencers to see if they'd be interested in highlighting the product. Once interest has been confirmed (or rates are negotiated if applicable), we will provide you with the influencers details. 


As soon as there is a mention that goes live you'll then hear from us with photos/videos and screenshots of the mentions.


Q | Will I receive products back from influencers during a marketing campaign?

A |This all depends on the product. For ad-gifted mentions (not paid campaigns) generally the influencer will be receiving the product at no-cost as an incentive to share with their followers.



Q | Will you set up my domain name and my website account?

Prior to starting a web design project with us you will need to create a Website account to provide us access. If you need help setting up your account we are happy to answer any questions as well as secure a domain if needed. (website fees are not included in web build package prices)




Q | What is your freelance network?

A | JETS freelance network to partner up on projects per our clients’ needs. We team up with skilled freelancers on a project basis when we need extra pairs of hands. Occasionally we also get leads of people looking for services we don't specialise in too so we love to refer to other industry experts.


Q | How do I become a freelancer in your network?

A |Contact us to be considered for our freelance network. Please provide us with your skills, samples of your work, and types of projects you think you’d be a good fit for.

When we have projects open or potential leads we will contact you with further info to see if you are interested or available.

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